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We are a company dedicated to hotel and tourism, where we offer services: lodging, conference rooms, food (breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee break A

The Hotel María Alejandra is located in Carrera 14 Nº 14-42, in the heart of the City of Florence, gateway to the heart of the Colombian Amazon. 

The Hotel is located in the heart of Florence, where is located the banking and commercial area, a strategic for tourism and commercial activities.... Read

The Florencia Inn hotel offers you big rooms with terrace and balcony for travelers. It combines modern style and facilities with traditional values.

Recreational center "Casa Santana" is located in the town "Morelia" and it is twenty minutes far from Florencia -the capital city of Caquetá-. Casa... Read

It has comfortable facilities surrounded by nature located at Km. 9 via Neiva.

Andaquíes restaurant and bar offers to its guests an exquisite food, in Florencia, Caqueta. You can enjoy and delight yourselves with the variety of... Read

The Royal Plaza Hotel was founded in1946 and is located in the heart of Florencia; It border on the north, the "Banco de la República"  (Bank of the... Read

The PRAFA "La Tribuna" is an environmental and family project developed by the teachers Flor Marina Calderon Alvarez, Eulises Santanilla Ramirez and... Read

The recreation farm Villa Dana located 3 kilometres from the airport of Florence, is a pioneer of developing ecotourism in Florencia, Caqueta.  The... Read

It has comfortable facilities surrounded by nature located at Km. 9 via Neiva.

This ecotouristic place is suitable for ecological walks as well as picnic, where you can enjoy the amusement that nature offers and you will find... Read

Handicrafts of the Caquetá is a proposal of commercialization in search of visible the artisan products realized by our Caquetenses indigenous

El Manantial reserve is located in the east mountain range in the small town "Carano", "El Manantial" village. It is three kilometers away from... Read

The countryside hotel "Las Garzas" is a modern construction in the shape of a terrace and it is located near the right shore on the "Hacha" river

Amazing tourist place if you want to enjoy of a wonderful day by the the beauty of the river. The biodiversity of our department make this place a... Read