Natural and ecotouristic reserve "Las Dalias"

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Municipality La Montañita, Vereda Los Morros
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Jose Alfonso Ovalle
(+57) 8 434 3075
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Natural and ecotouristic reserve "Las Dalias" has approximately 80 hectares with a conservation area about 80%. The reserve offers natural attractions as the streams "agua bonita" and "la cajona" There are 5 natural caves with an average length of 100 m, a waterfall of approximately 12 mts, a natural canyon formed by a creek called the Cajona 4 km in length and the flora and fauna typical of the Amazon region: guaras , Boragas, armadillos, variety of primates, squirrels, hedgehogs, variety of butterflies, insects and birds, parrots, tigrillos, domestic animals such as cattle, hens, Amazonian fruits such as arazá, copoazu, cocoa, maraco, sachainchi among others.

How to get there:

From Florencia via the road that leads to the Montañita (31 Kilometers - 30 Minutes), and from the Montañita take the road to the path Los Morros (4 kilometers 8 minutes).


"Photographs: MCarvajal / FOTUR"

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