Villa Paz tourist Inn

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Kilometer 8 Florencia – Neiva road
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Claudia Diaz Leon
(+57) 8 434 3075
(+57) 311 321 9707
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Villa Paz inn is located in the village of Santo Domingo, on the right side of "Hacha" river; this place offers an exotic lodging in rustic cabins, built in harmony with the natural landscape and in the middle of a lush green area. Villa paz inn offers to the travelers some services like: walks around historical and ecological trails, a typical food restaurant and natural pools -similar to small lakes-. In addition, the tourist can see a majestic and exotic landscape that allows the enjoyment of natural attractions. This natural attractions are "natural spas" popularly known in the region as "Charcos" (puddles). There, the tourist can swim and at the same time enjoy the beaches on the "Hacha" river shore. It is great for travelers take pleasure in the exotic and vast natural resources (flora and fauna). For example, it is possible to see different species of butterflies and birds. Another alternatives offer to the tourists practice activities like interpretative walks, camping, river boating, research activities and also it is great to enjoy the delicious cuisine of the region.

How to get there:

Located at San Luis village to 8 kilometers from it via Altamira - Florencia/Florencia - Guadalupe/Florencia - Suaza/Carretera 20


"Photographs : MCarvajal / FOTUR"

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