Audiovisual School for children

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Cl. 5 con Cra. 4 Belén de los Andaquies
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"No story, no camera"  is one of the slogan phrases of the Audiovisual school for kids which is part of the "Andaki" communication project, that began in 1996, the idea of the school began in 2005 to give hope to children and adolescents who live this municipality on the South of Caquetá. They started with 30 students between 6 and 15 years who write, take photographs, draw and assemble short stories by means of photo films using digital equipment. This project was created by Alirio Gonzalez who works in the Cultural Center. This school also aims to strengthen the identity and self-confidence in kids, who are very enthusiastic for learning. on their part to learn. so much to that the kids have received recognition and congratulations for their work and also for seeing the future of the town with a different point of view. f

To make this project viable, the school has had the support of entities like the ONG "Tomando Conciencia", the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and the Communication Competence Center for Latin America. 

Source: Luz Adriana Pérez Rivera"
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