Casa Campesina Resort

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Km 1 Florencia – Neiva way
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Magnolia Hidalgo Agudelo
(+57) 311 321 9707
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Casa Campesina resort was built on a wavy land and it is located on the right side of "Hacha" river. It is totally respectful with the natural environment and it is available for all kind of events. This resort offers to the tourist the enjoyment of natural attractions like the natural spas or popularly known as "Charcos" (puddles). There, the tourists can swim and at the same time, enjoy the beaches on the shore of "Hacha" river. This place allows to the visitors enjoy moments of pleasure with the vast and exotic flora and fauna. For instance, it is possible to see different species of birds and butterflies. Many activities are posssible there: interpretative walks, go camping, river boating, research activities and of course, it is great to try he delicious typical cuisine.  

How to get there:

In the village the Spring to 1 km on the way that from Florencia leads to the city of Neiva.


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