Ecological Park El Paraíso de Pedro

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"El Limón" village
Pedro Alfonso Perico Gomez
(+57) 310 378 9922
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The ecological park "El paraíso de Pedro" is a nature reserve located in the foothills of the east mountain range, just thirty minutes from Florencia, taking the old road to the Department of Huila. A journey that starts from "Sevastopol" village through an ecological walk towards this place, called "El paraíso de Pedro" (Pedro's paradise). By this route, tourists will find the ideal place for practicing the nature tourism and adventure time in the gorge "La Morrocoya". The adventure begins with a tour taking the path "Los lacres" and then crosses a forest called "Las Termitas" until you get the canyon of the Morrocoya gorge where is located the "Tigra" waterfall and the Morrocoya gorge, tide-pools and narrows that make possible to practice boating and canyoning. As well people can practice walks combined with climbing techniques, and swimming in order to swim in low-lying part of a field flooded in wet weather called "canadon", rapids, only using the body and thecertified equipment suitable for these adventure activities. At the end of the tour, tourists can enjoy a pleasant bath in a puddle formed by waters of "La Morrocoya" gorge, known as "El Charco de Perico" . In this place, tourits can practice canyoning. In the area you can also practice camping, interpretative hiking, birds, mammals, butterflies and wild flowers sighting, advanced research, among other activities.

Total capacity of people installed :10 people in the country house.


"Photography: MCarvajal / FOTUR"

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