La Calera Amazónica

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Km 4 Vía Sebastopol – old Via Florencia -Neiva
Portal de Turismo de Caquetá
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The place is a rustic construction located in a beatiful landscape near to te "Hacha" river and also has an awesome lookout where the visitor can breath fresh air. La calera amazónica has a great gastronomical offert with typical food from the area, national and international drinks, ice cream and many other attractions. This place offers different activities to the tourists such as hiking, swims and enjoyable activities on the beaches of "Hacha" river. La Calera Amazónica also has balconies destined to watch the wildlife around; the tourist can be in contact with animals like monkeys, macaws, parrots, herons, "Piracocus" -a kind of fish- and other species. There it is possible to find lakes for practicing sport fishing. As well, in this area the traveler can practice mountain biking or tourism biking taking the trail besides "La Perdiz" gorge and walks towards the "Pailas negras" waters. Among other activities, the travelers can enjoy practicing canopy activities: there are expert and trained guides and the place offers guided recreation.

How to get there:

Take into account "El parque Santander" located in front of the "Éxito" in downtown as point of reference, you take Calle 15 and Carrera 9 towards Calle 21.Keep on Calle 21 and carrera 1, then take Calle 37 and Florencia-La calera towards old Neiva route. 

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