Las Pailas Natural Spa

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Localizado a 12 km de la cabecera municipal de Florencia Caquetá
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Are you enjoying tourism in Caquetá and want more? This wonderful place is located twelve kilometers from Florencia, on the road that leads to the municipality of Morelia, natural spa "Las pailas", is where travelers can enjoy and explore the "Mochilero" river. A perfect place for those who enjoy ecotourism, surrounded by rock formations, the water adopts various green tones of vegetation that lines the stones and trees.

It could be defined as porosities and rocky crevices of various diameters and depths that when bathed by the passage of the El mochilero, fresh and crystalline water forms singular natural pools surrounded by native flora and fauna. It is the perfect place for the eyes, body and soul to recharge energy.

How to get there

At 12 kilometers along the road that leads from the city of Morelia to the place known as Tres Esquinas located in the Costa Rica neighborhood of the Santo Domingo village, from this point you go  towards the village of Caldas.

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