Nature, communal and ecotourism reserve El Manantial

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El Manantial village
Marco Aurelio Correa Munera
(+57) 310 378 9922
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El Manantial reserve is located in the east mountain range in the small town "Carano", "El Manantial" village. It is three kilometers away from Florencia's downtown. This place is formed by demonstrative plots and ecological paths built by the effort of the community and its organization called "Junta de Acción Comunal" (a communal committee).El Manantial offers the possibility of making tours guided by an ecological path in order to contemplate the lifestyle of the native community knwon as "Huitotos" and the town council from Jurama, its indian raid, the demonstrative plots and the handcraft works. in this reserve, it is possible to practice camping, interpretative hiking the sighting of birds, mammals, butterflies and wild flowers. Also, activities like advanced research and ethno-tourism are carried out.

Total capacity: twelve people installed in three cabins.

How to get there:

Take the  40 and 45 route from Bogota to Neiva (It is 319 km far and the trip takes five hours and forty five minutes).then take the 20 route to the "Km 2" just before getting Florencia downtown (245 Kms - 4 hours). From here, it takes three Kilometers to get "El Manantial" village.

Traveling by land:

  • Distance from Bogotá (capital city in Colombia): 595 Km and in time, ten hours.
  • Distance from Florencia (capital city in Caquetá): 3 Km/15 minutes.

Traveling by air:

You can get the "Casa Campesina" resort taking a direct flight from Bogotá to Florencia. The trip takes almost an hour. At the airport, it is possible to continue the trip by car or bus taking the 65 Florencia-Neiva road. Finally go from Florencia's downtown to "El Manantial" village that is just three kilometers away.

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