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Cra. 5 3-15 Barrio los Fundadores
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The PRAFA "La Tribuna" is an environmental and family project developed by the teachers Flor Marina Calderon Alvarez, Eulises Santanilla Ramirez and their children. The PRAFA arises in  2002 as an alternative to the family and social problems that exists in the country and its aim is to provide strategies that contribute to the strengthening and family integration and remark education as a fundamental basis for self-improvement in all its dimensions. This objective allow to people act on a committed and responsible way. Through this project, it has been conditioned different areas and social and cultural factors, that transcend the local and current levels.

The PRAFA has the following attractions: busts of the "Peripatéticos", The "Life Pond" and a "desire fount". Also offers a kiosk -a space for sharing-, a space for reflection called Rosita (that has an image of Baby Jesus), a Mini Sports Center, an oven and a wood stove, a observatory - Albert Einstein-, an auditorium (called "Father Juan Salateo) a classroom for work and specific competence, a plot for the cultivation of vegetables, plots for the cultivation of medicinal plants, a modern "Maloca" and a bar for family reflection. This place also offers spaces for exploring and learning the "constructive geometry", two kiosks linked by a bridge, the "Emiro Garzon" art gallery, the reading "Florencia today", the "Fount of Love" and a sculpture to honor the life the art master Emiro Garzón.

Source: Luz Adriana Pérez Rivera"
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