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Centro Poblado de Remolinos del Caguán
Rodrigo Velaidez
(+57) 311 321 9707
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It is a civic association founded in 1989, in the little town "Remolinos del Caguán". Chocaguán organization was created by the initiative of the Parish priest Giacinto Franzoi as a food security program that has as its slogan "Say yes to the cocoa tree and say no to coca". Initially the "Association of Cocoa producers"  and later with the support of the Culture Ministery, "Sena" (an educational organization) and other institutions, the enterprise for producing and marketing the Amazonian cocoa; by means of this company the farmers from the region can access to an alternative job and get better incomings that will allow the progress of the beneficiary families.

The processing plant has a capacity of processing of 1500 pounds by month but currently only produces approximately 750 lbs a month. In 2004 this company, leaded by its founder the Father Jacinto, won the national peace prize, delivered by the United Nations and other institutions. The cocoa produced in this factory is the third best at national level, thanks to its wonderful taste and aroma. Currently, within their range of products, the company offers cocoa -the beverage- in presentation of one and half a pound; also the chocolate candy -filled with Amazonian fruit flavors- are exported to Italy.

How to get there

Take a boat from the main port and travel about 80 Km through Caguán river, until you see the little town on the shore of the river.

Source: IDCTC – Jenny Andrea López"
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