Curillo bus Terminal

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Calle 5
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This building was built in 1998 but its usage by people has been limited due to low traffic in Curillo because the bad conditions of its main roads. In January of this year , the terminal will be operating again and also will be managed by a delegation assigned by the mayoralty. At this moment four transportation (by land) companies are operationg: Coomotor, Cootransflorencia, Cootranscaqueta and Cootransmayo that provide routes to Florencia, Bogotá and Cali. In the same way the terminal has a waiting room, a cafeteria, bathrooms and the administration Office. The building is suffering some damage in its walls, floors, and others.

How to get there

You can arrive at Curillo bus terminal traveling by land from Florencia, crossing Morelia, Belen de Los Andaquies, San José de el Fragua and Albania. Also it is possible to get Curillo by waterway through the Caquetá river from Solita and Solano towns.

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