La Madera port

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Quebrada Curillo Medio
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La Madera port is a loading zone at the estuary of Curillo gorge, used for the transport of wood, river material (sand and gravel) supplies; also it is an area of truck uploading and unloading. The boats dock on the shore of the river due to the absence of a loading wharf. Saddly, La Madera port is almost abandoned and the environmental damage is evident, because of the lack of planning and control in this place.

How to get there

You can get to La Madera port traveling by land from Florencia, crossing Morelia, Belen de Los Andaquies, San José de el Fragua and Albania. Also it is possible to arrive at this place by waterway through the Caquetá river from Aolita and Solano towns.


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