Countryside Hotel "Las Garzas"

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Kilometer 2 Florencia-Neiva road
Nancy Rojas Tobas
(+57 8) 437 3116
(+57) 311 321 9707
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No aplica

The countryside hotel "Las Garzas" is a modern construction in the shape of a terrace and it is located near the right shore on the "Hacha" river. This location offers to the tourists the enjoyment of such a beautiful and important natural attraction, where it is possible to practice many activities, including hiking, wildlife sighting, swimming on the river, boating, and the enjoyment on the beaches near the river.

Number of rooms: 23
Capacity: 58 people installed

How to get there:

- Take Cl 15 and Cra 9 to Cl 21.

4 min (800 meters)

 - Continue for Cl. 21. Take Cra. 1 towards Altamira - Florencia / Florencia - Guadalupe / Florencia- Suaza / Carretera 20.

10 min (5.2 km)


"Photography: MCarvajal / FOTUR"

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