Guaycabá Hotel

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Calle 14 No 13 - 31. Barrio El Centro.
Estuardo González Ospino
(+57) 311 321 9707
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The Hotel Guaycaba in Florencia is a tradition in good service, excellence in care and the best gourmet of the city. With more than a decade attending and giving visitors the best image of the Caquetenses families; we are located in the heart of the city in the middle of banking and commercial area of high level; our facilities allow us to have accommodation for 45 people in the different forms such as single room, double room, and multiple accommodation. Thanks to our experience and to subtract with concern the suggestions of our clients we have state-of-the-art technology, WIFI, cable TV, meeting room and specialized staff.

How to get there

From Santander Park
Cl. 15 #11-1, Florencia, Caquetá
-Head east on Cl. 15 toward Cra. 11
49 m
-Turn right onto Cra. 11
90 m
-Turn left onto Cl. 14
 Destination will be on the left

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