Summer Festival in Morelia

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Morelia is a town in the Department of Caqueta, which is located twenty four kilometres away from Florencia. This city celebrates a festival that carries out different sport and recreational events; so, this kind of activities attract visitors from all places in Colombia. A lot of fun, recreation, water sports and exercise entertain people from Caquetá and visitors who are looking for rest and recreational spaces.

Morelia and its exlcusive beaches offer attractions like beach volleyball matches, resistance proofs under water -in "Bodoquero" river-, contests with tires and the motocross show.

The shore of "Bodoquero" river is the sportspace for many tourists and people from Caquetá who enjoy watching or participating in several sport activities.The motocross show is fascinating!

A traditional activity in the summer festival, is the professional championship of beach volleyball: this year reaches its seventh presentation. This championship has the participation of teams from Caqueta, Tolima and Huila Departments.

Also a competition of beach volleyball is carried out specially for fans, and has the participation of competitors from San José de el Fragua, Belen de los Andaquies, Florencia and La Montañita, and another competition of micro beach is developed, and here some players from Caquetá towns participate.

Under water resistance competitions are very popular and typical in Morelia during the festival. The contestants, test their skills under water in the "Bodoquero" River; in the same way, there is another typical activity called "La vuelta del amor" (The turn of love) throughout the "Bodoquero" river. For this activity, the travelers have to rent a tyre and it is a way to make a living for people who live in this region.  

About the beach volleyball championships, they have the particularity that are played between two players by team, or three as in the championship developed this year. In competitive and recreational matches, in the micro beach volleyball- the teams should have five players.

The volleyball nets are placed on the shore of the river and the environment is arranged in order to the tourists enjoy the games comfortably, all day long. Ah! those people who attend to Morelia, have the chance of cheering up the women's team that is scheduled by the managers.

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