"Diosa del Chairá" typical dance

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"Diosa del Chairá" typical dance is the result of a research developed by the professors Franco Torres, Benicio Barrero, Medardo Lasso and Robert Bernal. This dance clearly represents the "Huitoto" legend of the that is a cultural milestone for the people from Chairá region. Thirteen dancers are required for performing this dance; two of them represent the princess "Tayarú" (Goddess of Chairá) and the other one performs the "Cacique". The other dancers are the entourage. The costumes worn are made in a fiber called "Cumare" and hand-painted with images of the endemic wildlife from the region. In 2007 "Diosa del Chairá" dance received a honorable mention because it is an unique ritual dance in Curillo town. In 2008, this dance was awarded in San Miguel Mayama, in Nariño Department.

Source: Lina Paola Roa B."