Indigenous shelters-Belén de los Andaquíes

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In Belén de los Andaquíes town are located three indigenous shelters: the one called "El águila" of the ethnic community "Guambianos", "La Esperanza" of the Paez ethnic community, but the most important and the one that remains its culture is the "Cerindia" - formed by the ethnic community "Embera Katío"- this shelter has forty six inhabitants: seven families: The "Cerindia" shelter lives in an area of 51 hectares; all the members of this community are native people and they do not have any miscegenation. They speak their native language, and also keep their customs, gastronomy and festivals; its main source of living are the handicrafts.

Source: Genny Lillibeth Rengifo Carvajal."