Sanjuanero caqueteño -typical dance-

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Dance in Caquetá is very varied , due to the origin of colonization that settled the Department. Initially this region was geographically framed in "Tolima Grande" so this region was a big influence in the artistic expressions from Caquetá. This, is a dance for coupes and is characterized by choreographic games: flirting and sympathy are the main components; The Sanjuanero is danced in parties and in big places where people can appreciate and see the show; especially in the festivities celebrated in June, during San Juan and San Pedro ones. The dance represents an usual and daily situation. It has three basic steps: Walking on tip toes, quadrille and the "Bambuqueo" or "aguacateo". This dance has some figures, for example the invitation to the partner, the "ochos" (dance steps), the surrender, the raise of a foot (called "voladas"), the wing draging, the secret, the punishment, and the conquest.