Semillas del Bodoquero artistic and cultural educational school

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Morelia, is the smallest town in Caquetá and receives the lowest budget from the national government. In spite of this, this town has become the cultural Capital in Caqueta. This title has been earned  thanks to the Organization of artistic and cultural activities, the construction of the first plastic arts hall and the consolidation of "Semillas del Bodoquero" artistic and cultural educational school. This school has educated different artistic groups, for instance the "Melodías del Bodoquero" music group,  the "Estampas de Bodoquero" dance group. There are outdoor theater, stilts and painting groups. To carry out this process the support of the different organizations have been very important, for example the local Mayoralty, the cultural council.  agents and artists from the region, the Ministry of culture, the Southern Colombian University through its arts program, the Departmental Institute of Culture and Tourism of Caquetá and the Mixed Cultural Found.

The activities developed by the different groups are focused on these slogan, in particular:

• Music: For peace and coexistence

• Dance and Theater: expressions for life

• Visual Arts: The colors of my people

Source: Jesús Edilberto Ramírez Ceballos