"Cuchas" soup

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The "cuchas" soup is a typical dish from Caquetá and consist on a soup prepared with fish a called "cucha". It is very known in the region and people think of this as a aphrodisiac dish. The ingredients for preparing this soup are: water, the local fish called "cucha", scallions, cilantro, salt and potatoes.

Preparation: Put scallions, salt, and garlic in a large soup pot, cover with cold water. Heat and simmer, when it boils, add potatoes and the "Cuchas". Cook over medium heart for 15 minutes. Once is ready, it is served with chopped cilantro on top of it.

"Photographs: comidacolombiana.com"

"Source: "Tomado del libro Gran Cocina Colombiana de Carlos Ordonez"