Pescado Moqueado dish

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Caquetá has a considerable variety of species in the water and on land. So, one of the main food sources the Caquetenses have is fish. There are different ways of preparing fish, and one of them is the so called "Pescado Moqueado". If you want to be amazed by the taste of this delicious dish you can prepare it as it is going to be mentioned next. You will need to add salt to the fish, the wrap it with green plantain leaves, and bury it into sand (10 cm deep). As soon as the fish is buried, a bonfire is settled on it for a least two hours. The fish is cooked with the heat of the fire. 

The  fish "Moqueado'" is served with roasted plantain, cassava and rice. As a beverage, it is common to drink "chicha" (a local beverage prepared with sugar cane or corn).