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The Caquetá is a trickster, the Caquetá smells of natural magic, the Caquetá impregnates our being with its natural and ecotouristic wonders, the unsurpassed and magnificent Caquetá land to visit. There are so many tourist sites, natural parks, landscapes, rivers that Caquetá offers for adventurers; for those who want to leave their comfort zone and face unforgettable experiences. There are so many places that make our Caquetá a land of natural riches that can be used in these post-conflict times. Then, the tourism portal of Caquetá presents 10 reasons why, your dear tourist, you should take the initiative to visit our department, the golden gate of the Amazon.

  1. Caquetá is a magical land and a green treasure that offers you its innumerable celestial landscapes.
  2. The gastronomy of Caquetá captures the palate of the tourist, a smoked cachama, a stew of chicken, a roasted caquetense ... Our mouth wanes no more than writing it.
  3. Its rivers, lakes and streams, the Caquetá is bathed by fresh, deep, and beautiful crystalline waters. Broken like the river Hacha, and rivers like the river Guayas and the Caquetá river allow us to appreciate the great of our water sources.
  4. Its interesting 16 municipalities, each with a different history in different contexts.
  5.  Its immense biodiversity in flora and fauna
  6. The parties that are celebrated in each municipality; summer festival in Morelia and Puerto Rico, the Cofema fairs, the fairs of each municipality, etc.
  7. History, legends and people Caquetense, people who fight for their daily life.
  8. The best scenarios for taking a picture.
  9.  Humid, tropical, rainy weather. A climate for every occasion.
  10. Caquetá is more than you imagine, dare to know it.