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Caquetá has 16 municipalities and each of its municipalities has wonders to admire. Curillo is one of those beautiful municipalities, a municipality that is worth visiting to have the magical experience of enjoying and spotting its famous sunsets. Curilllo is a municipality that is 3 hours from the capital of Caquetá, you can get there by car, motorcycle or public transport. The perfect itinerary consists of leaving from Florence visiting each one of the towns that are crossed in route until arriving at the coveted destination. The first stop is in Morelia, a touristic municipality and place famous for its park and its pirarucu, after Belén de los Andaquíes, where the natural landscape of its river El Salado is magnificent to see, following with San José del Fragua, municipality where its natural waters, its biodiversity and its green beauty traps the tourist. After having visited these three incomparable and amazing apartments, we finally reach Curillo.

Once you're in Curillo, get ready to live the best experience spotting the best sunsets in Caquetá, sunsets that along the Caquetá River represent pure art, sunsets that are reflected in the pure waters of the Caquetá River. The best place to enjoy these sunsets is the Yapurá Tourist Raft, a raft famous for serving tourists as it deserves, good beer, music and hammocks for resting. In addition to offering canoe trips through the Caquetá River. If you want to live a unique and unique experience you have to visit Curillo Caquetá, the warmth of the town and the divinity of its sunsets awaits you.