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The Borugo waterfall is near to El Paujil municipality. To live this great adventure, adventure that requires a great physical effort since it takes about 2 hours walking to reach the final destination and be able to enjoy the amazing waterfall. Then, the guide in detail to fully enjoy this beautiful waterfall.

The first thing you should keep in mind is that it is a journey of approximately 4 hours, two one and two round trips. Once this is in mind, what you will need for a satisfactory journey will be:

  • A backpack: a backpack that will carry enough water to hydrate since the route is a hiking that requires some physical effort, mosquito repellents, and something to eat, whether fruit, cookies, or candy.
  • A photographic camera: This is very important because you need to save in digital memories the beautiful landscapes, the best of the different colors of the route, the puddles of the El Borugo stream, and the fauna and flora found along the way.

Once equipped, we prepare for a magical journey and a few drops of sweat. The tour begins and the first stop is the first puddle of the El Borugo stream, a well-known puddle for the inhabitants of the El Paujil municipality, a puddle that makes people happy and refreshes the days of the Caquetense people. The second stop is the second puddle, a puddle farther away, near the mountain, a puddle that bathes its floors with crystal clear waters, and allows you to see the variety of fish found. Throughout this tour, you will enjoy the view of wonderful, green mountains, exotic birds, and the sound of nature. The third and last stop is the third puddle where the refreshing and magical waterfall falls. Once there, the only desire is to immerse yourself in the crystalline waters that in some way incite you to bathe in them. It is worth the trip, you, tourist, will realize once again that the Caquetá is more than you can  imagine.