Alto Fragua Indi Wasi National Park Natural

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Created on February 25, 2002, its name in Inga language means "House of the Sun". It has an area of 77.336 hectares, is located between the towns of San José del Fragua and Belen de los Andaquies. Provides environmental services such as water regulation and water supplies for about 30,000 people in the towns of San Jose del Fragua, Belen de los Andaquies and Albania, fishery resource. different species of felines like the puma, hound tiger, ocelot, tiger butterfly are also spectacled bears, harpy eagle, capuchin monkey, Churuco, Boruga, booze and lots of birds are found. It is also rich in timber species such as yellow, cumin, cedar, black smoke, bull blood, ivory, achapo.