Cordillera de los Picachos Natural National Park

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The natural national park Cordillera de Los Picachos is located in the Eastern Cordillera, Andean Region of Colombia. It is part of the Colombian departments of Caquetá and Meta within the jurisdictions of the municipalities of San Vicente del Caguán, Guacamayas and La Uribe.

As a characteristic, the Amazon, Orinoquía and the Andean Region of Colombia converge in this park. It is located in an area of high rainfall (5,000 mm per year). The mountains are covered with virgin forests and there are waterfalls up to 300 meters. The ecosystems involved in the park are the Andean paramo, the jungle and the mountain forest.

The park is the birthplace of the Guayabero River, which later takes its name from the Guaviare River, one of the main tributaries of the great Orinoco River.