Curiplaya building: National monument

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This monument is one of the oldest and most imposing colonial buildings that exist in Florencia and in all the region. The Curiplaya building represents a great architectural, historical, tourist and cultural value. It has an acoustic shell, where different cultural events are celebrated, for instance, the one called "Colono de Oro" and also the Colombian musicians perform their work. 

This building is the headquarter of the Department of Culture, Mixed Fund of handcraft, a craft shop and the Municipal Public Library, among others. Curiplaya building operated as the headquarter in 1902 of the "Agencia Cauchera de la Perdiz" (an agency of the rubber industry) and also as the municipal slaughterhouse. Later, the building was bought by the Commissioner in 1945 to build the Curiplaya Hotel ("Curiplaya" means Golden Beach, in Huitoto language); This construction was completed in the 50s by the architect Eduardo Ferreira. In 1958 the hotel was closed and the building became the place of the radio station "La Voz del Caqueta" (Caqueta's voice)

After this, the Curiplaya building became in the headquarters of the Mayor of Florencia until 1986, then it was the headquarter of Justice building until 1995 when the Municipality ordered the architectural remodeling of the building to turn it into the "Palace of Culture and Arts of the Amazon". It was declared as a cultural national good by the Ministry of Culture, according to law resolution 1752 of 2000.

Source: Luz Adriana Pérez Rivera