Hot Springs

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The hot springs are located in the "Quisayá" village to the north of "Belén de los Andaquíes" town. To get there it is necessary to take the road that leads to the "Aletones" two hours away approximately by truck. The tour is done by the sidewalk of the Pescado river. Hot springs offer to the visitor healthy baths in beautiful ponds surrounded by the charming characteristics of the Caquetá Jungle.   

These hot springs are surrounded by the forest from the foothills. It is possible to get there by the guidance of a local guide from the area. While the tourist get to the hot springs, he or she is going to be able of observing large cut down areas due to the variety of timber trees found along the way. To visit this natural and beautiful place it is necessary to schedule the visit with the farmers and the local authorities.

"Photographs: Rodrigo Espinosa"