"Indio Apolinar" stone

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"Indio Apolinar" stone is a very big rock and has a diameter of 40 mt and 28 mt in height. is the sacred place for the "Ingas" tribe in Caqueta,  The legend tells  has it was the place of worship, because there began the cycle of life for of animals and also was the place where the native people recovered energy and strength for curing diseases.  

The Ingas people say that after Apolinar indian died, the lake dried and the fish died,  which were the sustenance of these people. An Ingan legend tells that if a person comes to this stone and according to his or her strength and energy, the stone can give him a wish. 

Source: cdtcaqueta.gov.co
Photograph: http://www.panoramio.com/photo/63690948