Las Lajas ecological park

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Las Lajas eco park is a nature reserve with an extension of 58 hectares, which, since 1993, Tierra Viva Foundation have been protecting and preparing to promote processes of environmental education and eco-tourism. The area was organized (by means of a Management Plan) in different areas of management: recovery and conservation zone, attenuation zone and multiple purpose zone. In this ecological Park there are eleven springs of water that descend from the top of the mountains and flow into two wetlands. All the springs provide quality water and some of them are supplies with water the "Gabriela Mistral" educational institution and a large number of families in the neighborhoods of Santa Teresa and the Sport center neighborhoods. There are also a great floral diversity and fauna that constantly has been enriched with native timber species and another ones that feeds the local fauna for example the  "guamos", "pomos" Brazilian nuts, "arazá" and "cocomaracos".

The visitors can also see the sanctuary of the "Virgen de las Lajas"; the municipal aqueduct water treatment plant; the antenna of the radio Community Radio Andaquí; Comcel transmission antenna; system of renewable energy sources based on the force of the water, an ecological (in construction) observatory; several buoys of natural waters, a dam that supplies some mechanical systems; a large sector of secondary forest and fallow lands enriched with timber, a total of 4,000 meters of trails, a wetland with "Canangucha" palms, and an environmental open classroom.

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