Pirarucu Sculpture

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The Pirarucu Sculpture is located in Morelia's town main park (Morelia is a little town located in the south west from the Capital City of Caquetá, it is 20 minutes far taking the main road of the west). The Pirarucu Sculpture is a replica of an alive specimen (a very big fish) which lives in a pond in the mentioned park. This animal was brought when it has just 20 cm in length, in 1995. This animal is a native specimen from the Amazon basin; currently the fish has five meters in length and it is the world's largest with scales: each one of them may measure 10 cm in length. 

The sculpture was made in sewage tubes, iron and a base of iron-concrete. The sculpture has eight meters in lenght and a diameter of 1.80 cm. This work was finished on August 7th in 2007: the construction of this sculpture is due to the genius of the art master Hernando Rivera and craft hands of the Master Erasmo Gonzales Perez.

Source: Jesús Edilberto Ramírez Ceballos