Calera Amazónica y Orteguaza Adventure

Calera Amazonica y Orteguaza Adventure
Calera Amazonica y Orteguaza Adventure
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During the 2 day tour, you will enjoy the waters of the Orteguaza river, typical gastronomy of the region in the Amazonian Calera, in addition to the interaction with the fauna of the place.

It includes:

1. Transport from Florence to the respective places of visit.
2. Special Natural Attractions: Orteguaza River, the Amazonian Calera.
3. Activities: Hiking, Rafting, Canopy, sighting of flora and fauna of the area.
4. Refreshments and Lunches in the places to visit, typical gastronomy of the region.
5. Hotel accommodation - Single room
6. Specialized Transportation.
7. Local guides during the tour.
8. Insurance

Does Not Include:

1. Dinners, or expenses not specified in the program.

Detail of the tour:

Day Location Activity Hora inicio Hora Final Descripción
1 To 4 km from Florencia Vía


Canopy  at the Calera Amazónica 09:00 16:00 * Hiking in the surroundings of the Calera Amazonica restaurant, touring the backwater of the babilla and the banks of the river ax.
* Sighting and environmental interpretation of flora and fauna (Monos Saimiri) around the Calera Amazonica
* Typical lunch with smoked cachaga or Pirarocú in sauce of Araza.
* Canopy
2 To 15 Km from Florencia Vereda -San Antonio de Atenas.


Rafting in the river Orteguaza 09:00 16:00 * Rafting descent on the imposing Río Orteguaza.
* Sighting and interpretation of cave paintings in the Cave of Venus
* Recreational activities and enjoy typical Lunch of the Region.