El Paujil

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Date of establishment:  November 24, 1955
Name of the / the founder (s):  Leoncio Narváez, Servando Zambrano, Silvestre Corrales, Pablo Calderón, Francisco Rosas, Lysimachus and José Salazar and Juan Vicente Aguirre

The municipality of El Paujil is located north of the Caquetá and to the Southeast and Northeast in relation to Florence, is part of the branches of the cordillera Oriental and the rest includes the landscapes of foothills and hills, starting at its municipal seat. The average height above sea level is 470 meters, average temperature of 26° C.


cultivation of Heliconia; The Heliconias are monocotyledonous plants, growing rhizomatous emitted shoots or stems. Each of these is composed of a stem, technically called pseudo stem; the leaves are composed of a petiole which is the BRA between leaf and stem and a blade, placed in position distichous (disc-shaped); These beautiful plants are grown by 75% in our municipality, therefore characterized as our flower logo.

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The municipality of El Paujil is far from Florence 52 Kms, can be reached by paved road in a journey of (1) an hour, is located at 470 meters.

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