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In the region of Caquetá a wide diversity of fauna and flora exists. However, despite the growing of research activity is being developed in the region by the Academy as the institutions and the community, there is even a huge intellectual vacuum about the qualitative and quantitative knowledge concerning to the offer of available wildlife and how these species can become a development factor for thia region with any compromise to its permanence in space and time.

Data offers information of 2100 vertebrates species, 150 amphibian species, 1028 fish species, 260 mammals species and in addition, a lot of reptile and bird species.

Caquetá also has the ecosystem of Natural savanna of the Yari, which serves as a refuge for large number of fauna and is part of the great Andean-Amazonian biological corridor. In the Andean-Amazon transition zone, are the main rivers that feed the flow of the great river Amazon, which have their origin in the heights of the Cordillera Oriental and drain its waters to the great Amazon basin. Caquetá Department constitutes a strategic territory for the country and the world, to join efforts for the conservation of the genetic Bank of the planet, which is the Amazon.

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