Morelia is a town in the Department of Caqueta, which is located twenty four kilometres away from Florencia.

The Folk Festival of the Amazonian foothills, has been done in the municipality of Florencia, capital of the Caqueta Department, several decades on the initiative of the community on the dates of... Read more

The Folk Festival of the Amazon, the colonies, and ecotourism is celebrated as part of the programming of the San Juan and San Pedro, festivals that take place every year in the months of June and... Read more

The Folk Integration festival "Diosa del Chairá" is a cultural activity aimed to the formation and promotion of the cultural identity in the town; this festival performs dance expressions and... Read more

During the National Festival of Andean and country colombian music "Colono de Oro" -which takes place every year in the first week of December in Florencia- the participants compete in four... Read more

Since twenty one years the South beauty pageant, but five years ago appeared the need of bring together the cultural aspect too so the Artistic Cultural and country meeting of Caquetá south zone... Read more

This departmental folk dance meeting was founded in 1997. Each year, different dancing groups from all the municipalities in the Department are invited, and also as special guests from other... Read more

Event held in the month of June, is a major holiday in the town of Belen de los Andaquies, danced the sanjuanero caqueteño and choose the municipal Queen of San Pedro.

Cultural and commercial event held annually in the first days of the month of October.

These fairs began in el Doncello since 1988, approximately, they begin in the second week of August, with the accompaniment of different representatives of municipalities of Caquetá

The Municipal Beauty Pageant on the last days of every June; This event has the participation of candidates from all the villages and districts of "Doncello" municipality. IDuring the beauty... Read more

Celebration in the inspection of Maguare approximately 5 years in mid-October, initiative of the population with the constant support of the House of culture of el Doncello

Taking into account that the main economic activity of Berlin is the collection of coffee, generated the initiative by the head of the House of culture and with some members of the population of... Read more

"Del Regreso and SanJuanero Montañitense" Cultural Festival is an event carried out annually in June. 

cultural and trade event held annually in the first days of August, where residents and visitors gather around a single theme, livestock.

Sueños del Bodoquero National artistic and cultural meeting takes place since 2005 during the first week of August. At this meeting attend delegations of theatre, music, Visual Arts and film art... Read more

The livestock and equine Fair is a commercial event developed annually, during the first days of October. Over the weekend -time that the Fair takes- different activities carried out like "Vara",... Read more

The "San Pedro" artistic Fest is celebrated in June. It is one of the most important celebrations of the municipality which shows each year the growth of the students from the "Semillas del ... Read more

Event held annually at the beginning of the month of January, since 2008, it lasts three days, during which various competitions and activities are conducted such as rafts, tires, audio card,... Read more

"Festival del Caucho" or Rubber Festival was created by the Cultural Center leaded by its director and for pleasing the population, taking into account the main economic activity in the region... Read more

These fairs began in Doncello since 1988, about starting in the second week of August, with the support of various representatives of municipalities of Caqueta that are linked to this event with... Read more

El Festival folclórico de la Amazonia y Colonias y Ecoturismo takes place during the last days in June and the early days in July. This festival brings together people from the region and other... Read more

This event includes the famous "San Juan" and it is carried out the final days every June. This festival make up every neighborhood from the town in order to choose the most beautiful woman who... Read more

This fair is the most important event celebrated in Caquetá and it is carried through each October. The fair has as a main purpose to choose the best equine, bovine and canine specimens equine,... Read more

This event is very traditional and celebrated during the first week of December and it is under the auspices of the Departmental Institute of Culture and Tourism of Caqueta

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