Amazon folk festival, community and ecotourism

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The Amazon folk festival, community and ecotourism  is celebrated as part of the programming of  "San Juan and San Pedro" festivals, that take place every year, in June and July. This event brings together candidates from all districts of the city who among other things, dance the sanjuanero caqueteño.

The Amazon folk festival, community and ecotourism -in its 20th version- wil be celebrated from June the 17th to 22nd in Florencia, Caquetá, the 20th Festival folk of the Amazon. Among its many activities the visitors will find tourist tours, a beauty pageant, float parades and troupes, children's beauty pageant, and open-air band country concert.

Florencia is located in the east mountain range foothill,  on the "Hacha" river shore,  in the Northwest of the Department of Caquetá. Its average temperature is 27 ° C (80.6° F).

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