Yari Plains

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The Llanos del Yarí are a subsystem of anthropic savannahs located south of the Macarena Range, Meta department, Colombia. The savannas comprise an approximate territory of 364 thousand hectares, originally inhabited by the indigenous peoples Tinigua and Carijona. Similar to several subregions of the Andean piedmont, El Yarí was the scene of the colonization process that extended the agricultural frontier in Colombia. Nowadays it is inhabited by peasant and indigenous communities, organized locally in Communal Action Boards and Cabildos, and regionally in the indigenous-peasant association CORPOADYARI.

At present there are two sectors where indigenous communities live whose origins go back to other territories: in the vicinity of the village of Playa Rica, several families from the Emberá Chamí community come from the Risaralda department to the region, displaced by the Paramilitary violence in the mid-1990s. In the eastern part of the Yarí, there is the Yaguara II indigenous reservation, a multiethnic community that congregates the Pijao (tolimenses) Piratapuyo and Tucano (native of the Vaupés) ethnic groups, peasants from La Macarena , Arauca, and Tolima. Its territory includes a vast area of ​​jungle and savannahs, on the banks of the Tunia River at the intersection of the departments of Meta, Caqueta and Guaviare

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