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The Caquetá is a trickster, the Caquetá smells of natural magic, the Caquetá impregnates our being with its natural and ecotouristic wonders, the... Read

The Borugo waterfall is near to El Paujil municipality.

"Caquetá more than you can imagine" is a motto that means Caquetá department of unknown riches and prodigious biodiversity.

​Anayacito is a trail located near Doncello Caquetá and belongs to the southwest of the path Bajo San Pedro.

Caquetá has 16 municipalities and each of its municipalities has wonders to admire.

Caquetá has a great variety of activities to do, places to visit, exquisite gastronomy to try, history to know, and tourist biodiversity to visit... Read

            Caqueta is a department with natural wealth, where biodiversity abounds, people smile, the heat embraces you and the Manigua catches... Read