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Based on its strategic geographic ubication along amazonian "Pie de cuesta", Caquetá represents for the country one of the most biggest hydric wealth (cloud forest, water sponges, rivers, wetlands, watersheds, among others).

The mean hydric sources of Caquetá are the rivers "El Orteguaza" (110 kilometers length),  "el Fragua Chorroso", "Fragua Grande", "Caguán (250 kilometers lenght)", "Guayas", "Yarí", "Pescado" and "Apaporis". The Caquetá river holds around 2.200 kilometers lenght and 1.200 kilometers of them go across by the colombian territory. This zone includes from the estuary of "Fragua Grande river" (boundaring the "Cauca" river) to the "Caguán" river estuary (in the west side). This tour covers around 400 kilometers. Caquetá river is one of the most important fluvial tributary, not just at departamental level but at national too. All this rivers and some of their most important tributaries make a wide and efective fluvial system of transportation.

"Photographs: MCarvajal FOTUR"
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