La Montañita

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  • Adjective: Mountaineer - Mountaineer
  • Name: La Montanita
  • Other Names: No I have
  • Date Founded: 1955
  • Founders: Apolinar Cuellar, Zoilo Torres, Miguel Adaime, Oliver Spain, Luis Felipe Vargas, Francisco Jaramillo, Emilio Tamayo and Gregorio Muñoz. Municipality Since: September 22, 1955 by decree No. 2544
  • Average height: 450 m
  • Average temperature: 27 ° C
  • Extension: 1842 km2
  • Population: 21,868 (DANE Projections 2005-2008)
  • Distance from Florence: 30 KM road in good condition
  • Main Rivers: orteguaza river, Rio San Pedro
  • Main Downs: The girl Maria, La Montanita, the Azufral, guided, Suncilla, Peneya, La Cajona, Las Margaritas, The Thirty.

The municipality is located to the West and the Northeast Department regarding Florence, capital of the department. Its soils are typical of the Amazon and piedmont plains; dedicated to extensive livestock mostly. Its forests are topics of tropical humid climate.

The municipality limits with the following towns: From the north to Florence and Curassow; on the east by the Curassow and Cartagena del Chaira, by the West with Milan and Florence and to the south with the municipality of Solano. Agricultural activities are the main sources of employment and income in rural areas, mainly dual-purpose livestock (dairy and meat), production of small animals, especially fish farming and traditional farming, where crops stand banana, rubber, cloned cocoa, sugarcane and citrus. It is also important as a source of employment agro processing milk cottage cheese, farmer's cheese and double cream; in rural areas there is a significant production of salty cheese which involves family labor.


The territory is crossed by numerous creeks and streams which flow considerably donate their waters into the rivers San Pedro, Peneya Suncillas and Orteguaza

Communication channels:


The Municipal head is located just 35 minutes from the airport and the Department considered this as air.


It communicates via spoolable with:

South: On the main road with the Municipality of Florence and the hinterland.

Florence by Departmental south to Municipalities as (Morelia, Belen de los Andaquies San Jose, Albania, Valparaiso, Solita, Currillo,) roads.

North. For departmental roads to the towns of El Paujil, Doncello, Puerto Rico, San Vicente, Cartagena del Chaira, Milan) River:

By Road River:

It orteguaza river and San Pedro, 20 minutes from the main town is Puerto More importantly Department, the Puerto Arango communicating with the department Putumayo and Amazonas departments as well with the municipalities of Milan and Solano.

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