El encanto Petroglyphs

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Engraved in stone at the site "El Encanto", on the left bank of the river Hacha, at the height of the Torasso neighborhood in Florence. The stone is located 1.5 kilometers from the center of Florence, on the site of the National School La Salle, located 450 meters above sea level.
The petroglyphs are located at the bottom of the rock, these are made on two sides of the same rock, those of the longest wall look northeast, on the other side, the engravings look southwest. The engravings extend 16 meters in length by a meter in height, and form a large set on two sides.
The engraved stone of "El encanto", is in the bottom of the canyon of the river Hacha,  it forms part of a stratum rock that appears on the walls of the canyon in both margins of the mentioned river, that cut it vertically. The low-reliefs were made on the base of the great rock that forms a natural coat. Today, reaching the stone is very easy and the place around the petroglyphs is very beautiful; Although this part of the river is frequented by fishermen, in general, the area is very solitary. Visiting the engravings communicates no mystery, but a very special charm, hence the name of the place.
The motifs found in the rock are very particular. They are considered important for a more detailed analysis on the rock art of the region and its relation or difference with rupestrian manifestations of other zones.

When is it possible to visit the petroglyphs?

It is recommendable to check the schedule given by the guides.

How much does it cost?

There is not estimated cost.

What does the tour offer to the visitors?

It is very important to bear in mind that the guests are to be under the supervision of guides because the access to some places is kind of difficult.

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