Belén de los Andaquies

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  • Name: Belemita
  • Extension: 1.111km 2
  • Altitude: 250 m
  • Inhabitants: 11.043 (5132 and rural 5911 municipal)
  • Annual precipitation: 3650mm
  • Average temperature: 20° C
  • Months of rain: May and July
  • Summer months: December, January and February
  • Relative humidity: 86.1%
  • Year of Foundation: 17 February 1917
  • Date elected municipality: March 14, 1950
  • Florence distance: 43km


  • In an extension Northeast approximately 18 kilometers, with the municipality of Florencia, the natural boundary in the river bodoquero.
  • To the East with the municipality of Morelia in an area of approximately 32 kilometers, sharing the river Bodoquero, the Gorge to Aguas Calientes and part of the river fish.
  • To the South East and South in approximately for 20 kilometers with the municipality of Valparaíso, sharing the river fish and the river forge Chorroso.
  • To the South West with the municipality of Albania, in an area of approximately 26 kilometres, sharing and limit the river forge Chorroso.
  • To the West with the municipality of San José de la forge in an area of approximately 33 km sharing the quebrada La Masaya and the watershed of the rivers Bodoquerito, San Juan of Bethlehem and the river Fraguita in San Jose. This limit is not clear due to the lack of information of the cartographic database.
  • By North limits with the town of Acevedo in Huila, the limit goes around the rim of the Eastern mountain range in an area of approximately 30 km. Also on this side it borders in an area of 5 km, the town of Suaza in Huila Department.

Means of communication:

The municipality of Belen de los Andaquies only has routes of land communication with the Marginal de la Selva or road National Highway 65, which is the most important way and which communicates on the North with Morelia and Florence, and on the South by San José de el Fragua.

The municipality offers constant Intercity taxi, buses and mixed to coming to the town, as some rural hamlets.

Air: The municipality does not have communication by air, all operations supported in Florence airport.

River: while the town centre is located on the banks of fish, this is not used as a means of communication for River operations, is only used for fishing, tourism and recreation.

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