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In Caquetá are carried out several festivals and these are the cultural and artistic expression that impact in local and a national level; as well, the fairs are the ways to promote and show the economical development of this region.

Throughout years and without ignoring the ancestral roots, new generations have been developing an important regional awareness in order to get a cultural identity, in addition to this the creativity and the seduction towards the natural features are encouraged. It is important to mention that these celebrations recognize the cultural samples given by the native people.

Despite the fact that ecotourism and adventure tourism is the main attractive, it is possible to offer many other well known and nationally recognized events such as the fairs and festivities that upraise the identity and local values represented through the color, brightness and joy in this wonderful Department.

Regional dances

  • El Yariseño
  • Indigenous dances
  • Fruits dance, dance of the giant turtle (Jimona)
  • Dance of the rubber work (Caucheras)
  • Heliconias dance
  • Rice dance
  • Arazá dance
  • The fisherman dance
"Photographs: Ministerio TIC Colombia"