The Amazonian foothill festival-Florencia

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The Amazonian folk foothill festival-Florencia, has been celebrated in Florencia, the capital city o Caquetá Department, several decades ago due to the initiative of the community during the traditional festivities of San Juan and San Pedro.

In this context different artistic and folk activities are performed and they have the participation of the arts sector of Caquetá and the communities in each of the sixteen municipalities of the Department. There, the visitor can see the presentations of groups of dances, theatre, parades, floats, bands, crafts, contests, horseback riding,popular dances, nautical, folk and regiional parades, orchestras festival, country music meeting,  Caquetá's people meeting ("Encuentro de la Caquetenidad"). This events are places of congregation, participation and communication that strengthen the regional cultural identity, so this is the main goal of this festival. Also this celebration gives the spaces for the improvement of the life style in the community. 

As well as the The Amazonian foothill festival-Florencia has contribuied to the consolidation of the identity of people from Caquetá, being a mirror where people there reflect their habits built from the traditions, as well this festival has been source of inspiration for the artistic and handcraft creation and as a social and cultural strengthening for this region.

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