Cervantes Educational Institution

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In 1935 it was named as a first teacher Inés Calderón Toledo who fought tirelessly to obtain assistance and resources to build the first school. Then in 1940, the Mayor Ricardo Pizarro ordered to build a school with four classrooms, a bedroom and a kitchen and this allowed to open the second and third grades with more than 60 students.

Some years later in 1950 the Mayor Pizarro bought -from Francisco Correa- fifteen hectares of land for locating the "Bodoquero" community and in turn ordered to build a new school. In 1968 the teacher Luz Stella Calderón de Ochoa who worked for 48 years as a teacher in this town, noticed that it was important to the 5th primary school graduates to continue their studies. Because of this, she decided to travel to Florencia together with the parents of the students and the father Juan Salateo. There they asked for the  opening of an educational institute of high school in Morelia.

There were not enough classrooms for opening new grades, so the teacher Luz Stella Calderón de Ochoa offered two rooms that she had at her home -where today works the church "Vicaria del Sur-. There, started the high school and it is named "Colegio María Auxiliadora" (María Auxiliadora School). Later, the number of students increased and because of this the Mayor -by that time- Hernando Turbay with a contribution of $13,000 bought a hectare of land -from Mr. Daniel Orozco-, and by means of raffles, bazaars and collections it is finally built the current Cervantes School. This name was chosen by means of a raffle with different characthers' names, among them Antonio Nariño and Francisco de Paula Santander. Finallythe winner was "Cervantes" in memory to the maximum Spanish literature writer Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra. Currently the school has three seats, a library, a chemistry and a physics lab, two computer rooms, a mathematics lab. Also the school owns three sport fields: futsal, basketball and soccer. In the Cervantes Educational Institute the students graduated as technicians with an environmental emphasis. Currently in the Cervantes Educational Institute are being educated 725 students including preschool, elementary, and high school. The school has a staff of thirty three teachers, two directors and twelve managers.

Source: Luz Adriana Pérez Rivera
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