Santo Domingo bull ring

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The Plaza de Toros Santo Domingo, located on the Via Morelia Florence, is a ruined monument, this was a property owned by Leonidas Vargas, the work was considered as "architectural monument" in Florence and was used by the King of coca from southern Colombia for his social gatherings. Jesús Gonzalo Galindo Escarpeta, known in the world of bulls as the "Timy" of Caquetá, is in charge of the property, as stated in a resolution by the National Narcotics Bureau in 2007. Caquetenses engineers contributed to the architectural design of the plaza of bulls cataloged as the second best in Colombia. Leonidas Rico inaugurated in October of 1985, that day made presence in Florencia the old one as it was called Leonidas with all his family, Pepe Cáceres, Antonio José Galán, Black Marinillo, Cristóbal Cordobés and other expert bullfighters in Colombia made opening of the site, while Rafael Orozco, vallenato singer, along with Diomedes Diaz lit the party. Today it is totally abandoned.

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