Las Malvinas community hospital

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Avenida Circunvalar Calle 4
(+57 8) 437 3116
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On May 23rd in 1995, was signed the contract of loan and promise to purchase of a plot land owned by the Health Service of Caquetá leaded by the Mayor Hector Orozco Orozco. The contract is signed for 10 years from 1st of May 1995. By resolution No. 025 of October 21st, 196 of the Municipal Council, the Community Hospital was created as a social property of the state.

The architect Jorge Enrique Jaramillo designed the building and the work was culminated on March 9th in 1997; in November 11th of that year, by law agreement, it is allowed to the mayor to operate it.

It provides services to the community such as clinic -general medicine-, optometry, nutrition, citology, clinical laboratory, diagnostic imaging, dentistry, respiratory therapy, audiometry, promotion and prevention, mobile care unit, delivery of medicines to displaced people, and also has a mobile unit of basic care and two ambulances equipped for the health service. The hospital offers service 24 hours.

Source: Luz Adriana Pérez
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