Local hospital Curillo

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Diagonal 7th Number 4-30
(+57 8) 437 3116
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This hospital is categorized on first and second level of attention and offers the emergency unit,  Pediatrics, dentistry and vaccination; also offers the ambulance, x-ray, clinical laboratory and delivery room services, as well five clinics, nine beds and seven stretchers. There four people work in the management area, four doctors and twelve people in the nursing staff. In 1988 this place used to be a health center but later it became a the hospital that is today.

How to get there

You can get to the Local Hospital Curillo, travelling by land from Florencia, crossing Morelia, Belen de Los Andaquies, San José de el Fragua and Albania. Also it is possible to arrive at this place by waterway through the Caquetá river from Solita and Solano towns


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