Maria Auxiliadora parish

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The first parish church was a chapel made in wood located in the current facility of the parish theater, at that time a priest from "Belén de los Andaquíes" town cam every month to officiate masses, baptisms and marriages. One day the Father Gustavo Ortega together with the people from the village had the purpose of building a new and larger church. So the Father Francisco Fellino made the plans and the construction of the new temple, helped by the unconditional support of the teacher Luz Stella Calderón de Ochoa who through activities such as bazaars, raised the temple already in construction at that time.

On January 11th of 1971, according to Decree No. 119, the new parish "María Auxiliadora" was created and proclaimed by Monsignor Angel Cuniberti who named the Father Juan Salateo as the first priest. On November 30th of 1983 the Father Álvaro Serna rise rebuilt the parish house and renewed the parish as people know it today.

María Auxiliadora Parish has a simple architecture of a single floor; in the facade people can see the image of the Virgin and inside the church it is possible to find an altar in honor to María Auxiliadora. The patron saint festivity is celebrated on May 24th.

The parish has the service of catechists and lay cooperators. There is a Parish Council, group of young people, the renewal and the missionary childhood. Twenty four villages are are assigned to this church. 

Source: Luz Adriana Pérez Rivera
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